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We first prepare the surface by grading, leveling and adding additional base rock as needed (*if* needed). And we then compact it with a heavy duty asphalt roller. We either string line or paint out areas for guidelines on a new blacktop installation. 

Using a state-of-the-art power-paver we install a 2-inch layer of how mix blacktop and compact it using small and large pneumatic rollers, as well as hand-tamp the edges a 45-degree angle. This level of craftsmanship results in stronger edges.

Our Process

Resurface and repairs
In most cases, we have to do some repair work. All old surfaces need a certain amount of prep work. Depending on the severity of the old surface repairs can be as little as a skin patch or level course, all the way up to saw cut areas, milling or grinding to total demolition, all the way down to the base rock. 

Our years of experience is what separates us from other paving contractors. We know which job requires what prep/repair work, and don't bid for it unless needed. Knowing the correct way to do a job is cost effective for both us and our customers. We don't have to come back and repair. And the customer doesn't have to pay for an unnecessary charge on the initial bid.

Asphalt Overlays And Re-Caps

Asphalt overlays are important to extending the life of the surface.
Potholes are fall risks to customers. Also heavily-cracked areas throughout the surface will only get worse. If they aren't addressed early, and repaired, normal maintenance such as a sealcoat prevents the surface from deteriorating to a point of a major repair. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Asphalt

What is asphalt made of?
Asphalt pavement is an engineered material made from a controlled mixture of stone/gravel and asphalt cement.
How long will asphalt pavement last?
It has a long life, and should last for many years, if the project is done properly. Don't trust asphalt paving to just any contractor. Know what you're getting (or not getting). 

For example, the portions of asphalt on Interstate 90 in Washington have been in place since their original construction more than 35 years ago, with no rehabilitation for structural reasons. The entire New Jersey Turnpike is comprised of asphalt. Built in 1935, it has never had a failure in the pavement structure. The chief engineer for the turnpike expects it to last another 50 years.
Is asphalt pavement a safe driving surface ?
Yes! Asphalt pavements can be designed and constructed for maximum skid resistance. Research has shown that asphalt roads tend to be quieter than concrete roads, leading to less driver fatigue. 

There are some other safety features of asphalt to take note of as well. Asphalt is impervious to de-icing salts, chemicals and is unaffected by winter road safety maintenance. Asphalt pavement can be designed with “open-grade” surfaces that allow water to drain through the surface layer of the pavement, thus reducing splash and tire spray, and increasing tire-road contact during wet weather.
How environmentally safe are asphalt plants?
Asphalt plants must meet rigorous standards established by the Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies, but often the individual plants set their own standards that are more demanding. Recent improvements in asphalt production have made the industry even more environmentally friendly.

In fact, after a six-year study, the EPA announced in 2002 that asphalt plants are no longer on its list of industries considered to be major sources of hazardous air pollutants.
Is asphalt pavement used only for roads?
No, but asphalt does have a variety of uses. Here are the main ones.

Paving running tracks, airport runways, greenway trails, bicycle and golf cart paths, basketball and tennis courts, cattle feed lots, poultry house floors, barn floors and greenhouse floors are all legitimate use cases. Also, lining railbeds for transit systems, creating sea walls, its strength, water proofing capability and inertness to seawater help prevent the eroding action of the tides and waves.
Is asphalt pavement recyclable?
Yes! Asphalt pavement is 100 percent recyclable and can be made to perform better the second or even third time around. In fact, it's the most recycled product in the United States, both in terms of tonnage (73 million tons, more than any other material) and percentage (80 percent of reclaimed asphalt pavement is recycled, a higher percentage than any other substance).

That compares to significantly lower recycleable percentages for aluminum cans, newsprint/papers, magazines, plastic and glass beverage containers. Asphalt roads are removed, re-crushed, mixed with additional aggregate and fresh asphalt cement, remixed and placed back on the road. The hot mix asphalt industry also uses the following recycled materials: slag from the steel-making process, roofing shingles, sand from metal casting foundries and rubber from old tires.

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Wanted to thank Blacktop Ohio for the fantastic job repairing and sealing our driveway. It looks like new and their crew was efficient, knowledgeable and friendly. 

Thanks again. Will recommend them to anyone who needs paving work.
Mike and Joyce DiPalma
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The meticulous attention and effort by both Mike Gorman and his employees to seeing that our driveway was done in a professional manor was highly commendable.

Blacktop Ohio's enthusiasm and leadership was the greatest. And the acceptance and cooperation of their staff was commendable. The dedication Mike team's has and effort they have shown can only spell success for the company.
Joseph DiGenova
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